Episode 22: A New Identity

photo courtesy brendan leonard

photo courtesy brendan leonard

Redefining yourself after losing the thing you loved most

You’re not stuck in a situation with a certain identity. ... You can write your own story if you just see it the right way.
— Brendan Leonard

Fresh out of college, Brendan Leonard was an alcoholic. A total mess. 

And -- spoiler alert -- he got sober. But drinking had been his favorite thing; it was what defined him. After alcohol was taken away from him, he didn't know who he was anymore.

On this episode, he joins me to talk about the difficult process of creating a new life for himself. For Brendan, that new life came about in the outdoors, through rock climbing. And it happened completely by accident. 


Brendan Leonard runs the website Semi-Rad.com, and his new book is called Sixty Meters to Anywhere.