Are you yearning for a change? Could a grand adventure help you find what's missing? Could doing something selfish for once be just the thing your relationship needs?

Let Out There be your calm oasis, your quiet walk in the woods, the rainy window you gaze out of when all is gray outside.

Out There explores big questions through intimate stories in the outdoors. Our new segment, The Nature Fix, offers down-to-earth advice on your most pressing personal problems, by tapping into the wisdom and inspiration we gain outside. We hope you'll give it a listen!

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Nature Fix Episode 1: Should I suck it up, to take care of my family?

On our first episode of The Nature Fix, we tackle a question from a listener who feels trapped in his own life. He's desperate to move away from a place he hates, but feels obligated to stay, in order to care for his daughter and elderly mother. 

"I just want to stand in the middle of a stream, waders on, with my fly rod in hand and live out my last quarter," he writes. "But I am about 5.5 years away from retirement. But even then, will I be able to live my dream with Mom still living and daughter still single? Or should I relegate myself to dying in a state that I cannot stomach to live in, just to please everyone else?"

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Introducing The Nature Fix

Nature has the power to help us make sense out of our lives - particularly those parts of our lives that are messy and scary and overwhelming. The Nature Fix harnesses that healing power of nature, and helps you navigate this crazy world we live in. Each month, we use wisdom from the outdoors to address your most pressing personal questions.

On this episode, we introduce our wonderful new advice columnists, Becky Jensen and Angus Chen. And we dive right into advice giving, with questions about career, happiness, success, and work-life balance.


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