Trail Blazers: 5 Lady Publications We Love

Let’s face it: journalism about the outdoors is heavily male dominated. Men make up the majority of editors, writers, guests -- and yes, even audiences. But there’s a growing contingent of women who are making their mark in the field. In honor of International Women’s Day -- and as an all-female team ourselves -- we wanted to highlight some of the best outdoor-related lady publications.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite podcasts, magazines, and digital media organizations that are headed by -- and regularly feature -- women.


Misadventures is a magazine by, for, and about women. Launched in 2013, it was born out of frustration that most outdoor magazines were edited and written by men. Those magazines overwhelmingly featured men in stories and photos, and catered to male audiences. Misadventures founders Zoe Balaconis, Marybeth Campeau, and Jessica Malordy wanted to offer quality journalism about nature and adventure to the other half of the population. Their magazine has an all-female staff and - as they put it - “champions women who embrace creativity, take risks, and go out and beyond.”


Alpinist is a magazine focused on alpinism and adventure climbing, with stories ranging from extraordinary ascents, to personal accounts of lifestyles in some of the world’s most extreme places. The magazine’s editor in chief is an accomplished female journalist named Katie Ives, who is working to bring more women into the spotlight.

Human Race

Human Race is a podcast from Runner’s World. Each episode tells a story about runners and the world of running -- from the world’s toughest races, to the surprising moments of kindness you find behind the scenes. The show is hosted by writer and journalist Rachel Swaby, author of the book “Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science—and the World.”

Terra Incognita

Terra Incognita is an online ecofeminist magazine “dedicated to stirring the pot in the adventure world.” Run by a woman named Erin Monahan, the publication is anything but neutral in its political and social leanings: its mission involves challenging consumerism, fighting patriarchy, and overturning societal norms that exclude and marginalize. Stories impugn the dismissiveness with which women in outdoor leadership roles are often treated, offer impassioned pleas to make the outdoors more inclusive of minorities, and advocate unapologetically for thoughtful environmental stewardship.

She Explores

She Explores is a website and podcast featuring outdoor stories, photographs and artwork by women. With topics ranging from solo hikes, to life in the remotest corners of Alaska, the stories offer inspiration and resources for women to get out and connect with nature (and with themselves). Headed by Gale Straub, this is another all-female team.