Out There wins national gold medal

Exciting news!

Out There has won a major national award from Public Radio News Directors, Inc., or PRNDI, a nationwide association of public radio journalists.

PRNDI's annual awards honor the best audio stories of the year — kind of like the Oscars for public radio — and we're thrilled to announce that our episode "Selfless Acts" won first place in the independent podcast division.

The episode was written and produced by Out There Host Willow Belden and edited by Becky Jensen.

This is Out There's fourth PRNDI award.

Last year, our episode “The Instinct to Kill” took first place in the independent podcast division; in 2017, the episode "High on Failure" also received a gold medal; and in 2016, we took second place for "Failure in Success."

It's an honor to be recognized by the most respected voices in public radio. And as always, it's an absolute delight to be making the show for all of you, our listeners.

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Out There host Willow Belden wrote and produced “Selfless Acts".

Out There host Willow Belden wrote and produced “Selfless Acts".

Listeners frequently compare Out There to shows like This American Life — shows with big teams, substantial budgets, and the support of a radio station or network.

The recognition we’ve received from PRNDI affirms that our stories are on par with those produced by much bigger operations. But unlike those shows, Out There is produced independently and operates on a shoestring budget.

Out There is a full-time job for Host Willow Belden and a substantial time commitment for other team members, yet we earned less than $1.50/hour from the show last year. We love making this podcast, but we also need to support ourselves.

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