"A Master Class in Dramatic Tension"

We recently gave a shout out on Facebook to The Flyover Podcast Newsletter, written by Kelly Moffitt, who is also an online producer for St. Louis Public Radio. Podcasts produced in the major coastal cities, like New York and L.A., get the lion's share of public attention, but Kelly's newsletter is designed to help podcast lovers discover more shows produced between the coasts.   

And now we're excited to let you know that there is one extra reason for you to head over and check out the newsletter -- the most recent edition featured an interview with Willow about Out There.

If you've ever wondered why we make Out There, or what goes in to making each episode, the interview is well worth a read. And, yes, each episode really does involve that many rounds of edits and a LOT of agonizing over finding the right music. 

You can read Willow's full interview here. And you can sign up for the newsletter here.