Episode 25: The Desert Half

the desert near moab (photo by willow belden)

the desert near moab (photo by willow belden)

Should you live in the place you love most?

Brooklyn-based writer Rebecca Worby first visited Moab in 2011. The small Utah town, surrounded by some of the country's most stunning desert landscapes, stole her heart immediately. The majestic rock arches, the towering sandstone cliffs, the deep river canyons: she fell for all of it, hard.

But Rebecca's love affair with Moab was complicated, because her real life was rooted thousands of miles away, in New York City.

On this episode, she shares her story. It’s a story about falling in love -- with a place, and maybe also with a person. And it's about the difficult question of whether you should live in the place you love.

Only half my life is really happening in the place where I live, which, in turn, somehow diminishes both halves.
— Rebecca Worby

A version of this story was first published in the online magazine Catapult.