Episode 28: The Outsider

Photo Courtesy Drew Lanham

Photo Courtesy Drew Lanham

Is nature really color blind?

We tend to think that nature is an equalizer -- that it treats everyone the same, whether they're gay or straight, Hindu or Muslim, white or black. But it's not quite so simple.

On this episode, producer Jackie Sojico brings us a story about a man who doesn’t fit the description of a traditional “outdoorsman.” It’s a story about trying to do something you love, when you don’t look the part. And it's about making space for yourself in a world that excludes you.

A black man walking around in camo sticks out. I may as well wear hot pink.
— Drew Lanham
A version of this story first aired on New Heads For New People, a podcast about science hosted by Jackie Sojico.
Special thanks to BirdNote for letting us use audio from the “Rules For the Black Birdwatcher” video. The video was produced by Ari Daniel Shapiro.