Failure in Success

How doing something you love can make you miserable

Laramie Enduro Willow Belden
It’s going to be terrible for certain parts. You’re going to go through certain parts of the day and ... think, ‘This is so stupid; why am I doing this?’
— Evan O'Toole

We’ve gotten a lot of new listeners in the past few months, so this week, we're playing a story that some of you may have missed.  It ran back in 2015, when the show was still very new, and it won a big national award last year.

The story is about a 70-mile mountain bike race called the Laramie Enduro, which I signed up for in 2015.

I've always liked big athletic challenges, like triathlons and half marathons. But this race was different. This time, pushing my limits turned out to be a big mistake.

On this episode, I share the story of that mistake. It's a story about trying to prove yourself, about testing what you're capable of. And ultimately, it's about learning when to say no.