A Place to Belong

Biking cross country in search of what's missing

Photo courtesy Joel Shupack

Photo courtesy Joel Shupack

Three years ago, folk singer Joel Shupack set off from Portland, Oregon on his bicycle. The plan was to ride across the entire U.S., all the way to New Hampshire.

Joel's dream was to escape a life that wasn’t filling him up.  He wanted to travel, to give himself space to think, to make sense out of things.

On this episode, he shares his story. It’s a story about leaving behind a comfortable life at home, in order to follow your heart. It shows us what a cross-country bike tour is really like – not just the glamorous idea, but the tough reality.

And finally, it’s a story about figuring out how to belong.

I knew I wanted to be a folk hero, a storyteller, a savior of forgotten lore. I imagined myself as Pete Seeger on a bicycle.
— Joel Shupack