Off the Hamster Wheel

How losing the thing you love can make you happier

Photo courtesy Matt MIller

Photo courtesy Matt MIller

For Matt Miller, cycling was golden. It was his exercise, his commute, and his therapy. When he was in the saddle, troubles seemed to melt away, and he felt free -- completely, utterly free.

So when he set out for a cross-country bike tour the summer after graduating college, he thought it would be the adventure of a lifetime. And for a while, it was. But then, something happened that turned his world upside down.

Producer Bianca Taylor brings us Matt’s story. It’s a story about how we define ourselves, and even distract ourselves, with the thing we most love to do. And it looks at what happens to us when that thing is taken away.

You gotta learn to love all the scary parts, all the emotional parts, all the weird insecurities — all the things that ... you’re just trying to sequester.
— Matt Miller

Music for this story includes works by Aaron Leeder.