Fear and Loving

What if the world isn't yours for the taking?

PHoto courtesy Jackie SOfia

PHoto courtesy Jackie SOfia

Outdoor adventures have a remarkable ability to instill a sense of confidence in us.

In 2009, Jackie Sofia went on a trip that did just that. It was a cross-country bike ride, which she was undertaking with dozens of other riders.

When she set off, Jackie was shy and socially anxious -- terrified by what she was about to do. Four thousand miles later, she had been forced out of her shell and fallen in love with risk taking. It was a transformation that would shape the course of her next few years, emboldening her to go places and achieve things she never would have dreamed of in the past. Suddenly, the world was full of possibilities. 

But what happens when that newfound confidence gets shattered -- when you realize you might not be invincible? 

On this episode, Jackie shares her story.

Jackie Sofia is a producer for Kerning Cultures, a podcast that dissects the complex narratives of the Middle East through stories. She’s also the co-founder of Sitti Soap, a social enterprise that employs Palestinian refugee women.