BONUS EPISODE: Meet the Ambassadors

Out There’s ambassadors share tear-jerking stories of joy, pain, hope and love


Post-partum depression. Anxiety over gender identity. Anorexia. Struggles with weight. A cancer diagnosis during pregnancy.

The first cohort of Out There ambassadors have very real challenges to talk about, despite some of the gorgeous photos they’re posting on social media. On this bonus episode, we introduce them.

Our ambassadors are listeners who are volunteering their time to help spark discussions amongst the Out There community, and introduce the show to new listeners. Today, we let each of them tell you a little about themselves. They talk about their hopes, their dreams, their struggles — all the very real things they’re dealing with as they navigate this crazy world we live in.

Their stories are raw and vulnerable and sad and beautiful, and — fair warning — you’ll likely be in tears by the end of the episode.

My five-year-old ... knows his mum has cancer. And he knows that the cancer will be in my body for the rest of my life.
— Tess Ley
I get a lot of pushback ... from older women, about traveling solo and spending time, especially in the outdoors.
— Stacia Bennett
I know I should be grateful that I have this [job] that helps me pay for stuff, like a roof over my head and food and our trips. But ... it’s just not a job that I feel that I can be proud of.
— Jaye Groves