Nature Saved My Life

For Out There’s new ambassadors, the outdoors is more than a place to play

Out There’s newest cohort of ambassadors: Ashley White (left), Tiffany Duong (center), and Ali Shinn (right)

Out There’s newest cohort of ambassadors: Ashley White (left), Tiffany Duong (center), and Ali Shinn (right)


“Traditional Asian culture, in particular, loves stability. … You’re taught to behave and not rock the boat.”

— Tiffany Duong


On this episode, we introduce you to the newest cohort of Out There ambassadors.

Our ambassadors are listeners who help spread the word about Out There and foster conversations amongst the Out There community.

New additions to the team include Tiffany Duong, an ex-lawyer turned ocean advocate; Ashley White, a father of four from Minnesota, who specializes in corporate leadership development; and Ali Shinn, a dog lover who spent her childhood wishing to be a rich kid, only to discover that a cushy lifestyle wasn’t what she wanted.


“[When we go camping], my daughter’s gender roles drop away. The things they are taught that girls should do at their age, like … wear makeup, be cute — those all fall away, and they just become kids again.”

— Ashley White


Our new ambassadors come from wildly different backgrounds, but each has a special connection to the outdoors. All of them feel that nature has rescued them in some way, and reshaped their lives.

On this episode, they share their stories: stories of bravery, of healing, of defying cultural expectations — and of finding your way in the world, with a little help from mother nature.


“When I was outside with the other kids, I was an equal. It didn’t really matter what toys you had, what kind of bike you had, what your parents had inside your house; it was all about your imagination.”

— Ali Shinn


You can read more about Out There’s ambassador program, plus meet our veteran ambassadors, here.


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