How to Belong

What if knowing who you are isn’t enough?

Wendy Villalta (Photo courtesy Wendy Villalta)

Wendy Villalta (Photo courtesy Wendy Villalta)


“I still have my doubts about whether I’m doing the Jewish thing right. Even when I’m sure of … where I belong, it still gives me anxiety.”

— Wendy Villalta


Wendy Villalta has spent most of her life trying to fit in.

Her biological parents are immigrants from Mexico and El Salvador, but at age 10, she was put into foster care and was later adopted by a white, Jewish family. So it’s no no surprise that her sense of identity took a while to solidify.

Most of us have had moments in our lives, when we felt we don’t belong. But what happens when you finally figure it out, only to realize that society doesn’t agree with you? How important is external validation, when it comes to deciding who we are?

Victoria Marin brings us the story.


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