Meet your new favorite advice columnists!

The Nature Fix is our new advice segment, where we use wisdom from the outdoors to tackle your most pressing personal questions.

Today, we want to introduce you to our wonderful advice columnists, Becky Jensen and Angus Chen.



Angus Chen

Angus Chen

Profession: Reporter and radio producer

Lives in: Brooklyn, NY

Favorite outdoor activities: Surfing and rock climbing

Oddball talent: Whistling and humming at the same time

Book or story that's made the biggest difference in your life: A Bullet in the Brain by Tobias Wolff. "It made me want to be a writer."

Why you love surfing: "It's this feeling of ... absolute joy and happiness. Everything just disappears; there's nothing but the sound of the water, and the feeling of rushing across it, and this sensation of pure happiness. I had never really felt like that before, where I could just let go of ... everything in my life that was troubling me."

Words of wisdom from the first episode of The Nature Fix: "The things in your life are not in charge of you. You're really the one with the power to decide where they go and how much space they ought to occupy."



Becky Jensen

Becky Jensen

Profession: Writer

Lives in: Fort Collins, CO

Favorite outdoor activity: Hiking

Oddball talent: Making balloon animals

Book that's made the biggest difference in your life: Wild by Cheryl Strayed. "[It] really inspired me to go do this thing for myself that I wasn't giving myself permission to do."

One change you made in your personal life after thru-hiking the Colorado Trail: "I parent my kids differently now. I stopped doing everything for them; I asked them to take on more stuff - more responsibility. And then they totally blossomed. And because of that, my relationship with them blossomed."

Words of wisdom from the first episode of The Nature Fix: "The fear of missing out goes both ways. I bet that many of your peers -- the people you think are accomplishing these great things and leaving you behind career-wise -- are probably looking at your Instagram posts (the ones of you surfing and rock climbing) and they're saying, 'Now THAT guy is living it right.'"